Tlacolula, Oaxaca Mexico
I’ve been a painter since I was a child. But in the California desert where I lived later, I was also a teacher, a mother, and a housewife. Still I defiantly belted out imagery in fast materials like oil pastels and inks.
Twelve years ago I moved to Mexico and that changed everything. New culture, language, circumstances gave me so much to think about that I was flooded with thoughts that took time to crystallize.
In my work I’m talking about those thoughts that I can’t speak: the precariousness of human life, nature’s power and its ability to surpass human existence, memories are all of equal importance and time is layered, not continuous. There is peace in simplicity, in hills, shadows, plants, and the repetition of daily tasks. Life at its most basic, is a beautiful thing.
– Joan Gollub

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